1. Racism, sexism or other offensive chat. 

2. Obscene/Offensive Usernames (see name policy) 

3. Spaming chat, or flooding the chat continuously. 

4. Violence or threats. 

5. Making confidential conversations or chats public.

6. Posting other people's personal details without their permission. 

7. Personal attacks. 

8. NSFW content (gore or porn). If your asking yourself it the material your going to post is NSFW then just don't post it unless a moderator approves beforehand. 

9. Lying to a Staff Member. 

10. English is this communities primary language if you cannot communicate it's not worth you being here. 

Five M ATRP Server

1. Respect the community

2. The staffs decision is final 

3. No Power Gaming or metagaming 

4. No committing crimes in unrealistic areas 

5. No unacceptable/obscene/offensive Character/Names 

6. No suicide/combat logging when in roleplay scene 

7. No Exploiting scripts or GTA V mechanics 

8. Abuse of Reports/Helps will not be tolerated

9. RDM/VDM is not tolerated 

10. No RPing with /ooc chat knowledge 

11. No circumbenting a Ban 

12. No CharacterChat/selling/looking(iso) chat in /ooc 

13. No FailRP/Unrealistic RP 

14. No Inappropriate/unrealistic Clothing Combinations (this includes missing 


15. AFK/Paycheck Farming will be a temp ban! (20 min afk timer for a reason) 

16. No Role Playing a Character under 16years old. 

17. No New Life Revenge Killing (read RP death screen) 

18. Stealing Service vehicles is not permitted. 

ATRP Discord Chat

 1. Do not use the @everyone / @here ping unless permission by Admin/Moderator (this includes unneeded @moderator/admin/owner usernames).  

2. Do not type in ALL CAPS. 


3. No excessively cursing.  

4. No racist or degrading content such as pictures etc.. (racial terms/slurs are not allowed).  

5. Politics and anything POLITICAL will be deleted on site. 

6. No advertising other sites/discord servers THIS INCLUDES targeting AT discord members DirectMessages (Permission must be requested from Staff).  

7. No referral links.  

8. No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat, please keep question in the #questions channel. Repeatedly asking basic questions will lead to administrative action. 


9. No offensive names.  

10. No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat take it to DirectMessages.  

11. Unofficial bot invites are NOT ALLOWED, any bots that are found will be INSTANTLY BANNED without warning.  

12. No text walls or a large paragraph of text. Use Pastebin/Pastie to post a large block of text.  

13. DO NOT perform and/or promote the use of hacks, bugs, glitches, and other exploits.  

14. DO NOT cause chaos in the community, multiple complaints from several members will lead to administrative action.  

15. DO NOT argue with staff. Decisions are final.  

16. DO NOT DM staff unless directed to! Find the correct channel for your inquiry