Crime Title

                              Harmful Crime (Injury or Death)

Murder of LEO 

Attempted Murder of LEO                                                                  


Attempted Murder 

Negligent Homicide 


Involuntary Manslaughter 

Vehicular Manslaughter 

Aggravated Assault 


Hit And Run With Injuries 

Domestic Violence 

Threat of Bodily Harm 

Reckless Endangerment 


Attempted Kidnapping 


                             Non-Harmful Crime (No Injury)


Resisting Arrest 

Attempt of Corruption 

Obstruction of Justice 

Disrespecting of an LEO 

Failure to Obey Lawful Order 

Fleeing/Eluding Law Enforcement 

Kidnapping of an LEO 

Attempted Kidnapping of an LEO 

Verbal Threat towards an LEO 

Tampering With Evidence 


Verbal Threat towards a Civilian 


Attempted Kidnapping 

False Identification 

Indecent Exposure 



Providing False Information 

Public Intoxication 


Disorderly Conduct 

Disturbing the Peace 

Identity Theft 

Identity Theft By Felon 

Criminal Trespass 


Damage to Public Property

Damage to Private Property 

Hit And Run With Non-Injuries 


Money Laundering 

Possession of Burglary Tools 

Narcotic Crime

Possession of Controlled Substance w/ Intent to Distribute 

Possession of Controlled Substance 

Fabrication of an Illegal Substance 

No Processing License 

Drug Trafficking 

Robbery/Weapons Crime

Armed Bank Robbery 

Armed Robbery 

Attempted or Unarmed Robbery 

Possession of Illegal Weapon 

Possession of Weapon by Felon 

Escape While Armed 

Petty Theft

Negligent Discharge of Firearm in Public

Using of Firearm In Green Zone 

Using of Weapon in Green Zone 

Possession of Firearm w/o License 

Vehicle Crime

Grand Theft Auto 

                                          Traffic Violations 

Fix It Tickets

Improper/Missing Plate 

Broken Tail Light 

Broken Headlight 

Broken Window 

Illegal Window Tint 

Illegal Neon Light 


Failure to Stop - Red Light 

Failure to Stop - Stop Sign 

Fail to Give Right of Way 

Fail to Yield to Emergency Services 

Failure to Signal 

Fail to Yield to Pedestrian 

No Drivers License (Including CDL and Motorcycle) 

No Insurance/Expired Registration 


Misuse of a horn 

Reckless Driving 

Illegal U-turn 

Improper/Unsafe Turn 

Improper/Illegal Pass 

Illegally Crossing a continuous Line 

Illegally Driving Off-Road 

Illegally Stopping a Vehicle 

Driving on the wrong side of the road 

Exceeding Speeds Over < 5 mph 

Exceeding Speeds Over 5-15 mph 

Exceeding Speeds Over 15-30 mph 

Exceeding Speeds Over > 30 mph 

Impeding traffic flow 

Parked Near Fire Hydrant 

Parking in a Red Zone 

Illegal Parking 


Lawyers are responsible to find the elements of the crime to help their clients with charges. LEO will be given the elements to help better charge the subject.